Italy is one of the best places in the world for Elopement and Intimate destination weddings. If you are looking for a place with idyllic landscapes and romance, stunning scenery, centuries-old history, art and architecture, good food and wine, Italy is the Destination Elopement for you. Elopements are special because they capture the essence of marriage. A romantic affair, with just two lovers, in an amazing place, to get married. Maybe your closest friends and family to witness the celebration of your marriage. Italy has everything to offer, all of which make a Destination Elopement a truly unique wedding experience. One of the perfect place to elope in Italy is for sure Verona, the Northern Italian town that is a synonym for romance, love, history and famous for its beautiful Italian flair.

Verona offers many romantic wedding venues for unforgettable elopement in Italy. For example, a civil wedding in Verona can take place in the famous Juliet’s house, just a few meters from the beautiful antique Piazza Erbe. The Juliet’s house is the house where the beautiful Juliet lived and records the famous verses of the Shakespeare tragedy in Romeo and Juliet drama. However, civil weddings can also take place in selected beautiful private villas or in charming estates in Veronese countryside, which is as good as the Tuscan one. An example is the charming Agriturismo Delo Relais, just close to Verona, as the perfect set for an idyllic elopement experience, open and intimate. The couple we show in the following photos, avid Shakespeare lovers, planned to tie the knot in Verona, the city of love and one of the most romantic place in the world. For the ceremony and the reception, they chose to take place in this venue for a stylish affair full of love and joy with a touch of whimsy.

Join us here in the gallery when you’re experiencing their wedding story below.

The Ceremony

The medieval tower dating from the 9th century was as a backdrop of their intimate lovely celebration. The sound of harp, the vineyards and the amazing view of Verona froze these memories in time for an even sweeter duo. See it all here and take a peek below for a few reasons we think a quaint celebration might be right for you, too.

The Reception

The cozy atmosphere led to a very intimate-style dinner. A minimal space for décor for the beautiful table setting, so we love the choice to add in white linen tablecloth and a rustic table runner, adding some personality to the all tablescape. Twinkling candles and greenery centerpieces complete the look. Finally, look at the silver plate seating plan for four only with handwritten calligraphy names on elegant white paper and stylish details, just perfection!

What do you think about this boho-chic inspired wedding gown? Absolutely stunning!
The florist captured the vibrant hues of summer in the countryside with every petal of her lush floral bouquet arrangements.

The Details

To echo the countryside color palette, it has been incorporated green, creamy and white colors together with modern elements and texture.


All photos in this editorial are courtesy of Agriturismo Delo Relais

Photography: Carmen Santorelli Photography
Venue name: Agriturismo Delo Relais, Verona, Italy