Traditional Italian Setting From Southern Italy

Would you like to have an authentic Southern Italian setting? Whether your walk down the aisle will take place on the Italian Riviera or you simply want to evoke a feeling of an authentic Sicilian destination, we have asked to our best industry professionals to show you some ideas of Southern Italian Traditional Weddings. Lemons, vintage elements, intricate tiles, olive trees and Mediterranean colors showed in this gallery, are the strong symbol of the Italian wedding traditions. If you’re feeling inspired, view the full gallery here and discover how these elegant ideas will take your event to next level in Italian design.

Landscaping – Masseria Montenapoleone, Apulia –

Italian design Stationery

Convey your Italian theme through all aspects and beautiful details of your typical Italian tradition wedding by starting with your stationery. Incorporate greenery, florals, lemons and porcelain tiles into your invitations to foreshadow an Italian-inspired wedding.

Photography: Studio Photo Palermo, Sicily

Evoke the feeling of Amalfi Coast

Use yellow and blue color palette, tiles and assorted flowers for a truly Italian – inspired display.

Table setting – Blue Relais Amalfi

Go for a rustic over modern

Opt for family style dining, for even more an authentic vibe. Instead of a traditional table white linen, adorn a wood table with candle, and an alternative centerpiece of lush greenery. Lots of foliage and an assortment of gold flatware is the perfect complement to an Italian-inspired display.

Table setting – Masseria Montenapoleone, Apulia

Play up the traditional Earth products

Why not take the authentic Italian cuisine with typical vegetables from the South and put them at the forefront of your event’s décor? We love these wooden cases such as a festive market inspired décor.

Event’s décor – Masseria Montenapoleone, Apulia

Use a Southern Garden landscaping

Draw inspiration from Italy’s rich countryside to embellish a lively outdoor affair like this one in a Masseria in Apulia countryside.

Landscaping – Masseria Montenapoleone, Apulia

A pure Italian touch of originality

Rent a lovely funny vintage Ape car for a special entry and exit. Its small size made it the ideal vehicle to move in the ancient villages and seaside localities all over Italy, especially in the South where they are often characterized by narrow and steep alleys. So cool!

Photography: Marco Ficili, Sicily

Traditional Italian Setting From Southern Italy
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