Tuscany: The Ultimate Romantic Destination

Tuscany is a picturesque region in central Italy known for its renowned Renaissance and Medieval cities, relaxing seaside, unique and glorious countryside and amazing landscapes. Rich in history and culture, Tuscany is no second to none for delicious food and wine, and romantic atmosphere. Considered as the heart of Italy, Tuscany is the perfect destination to surprise.

Cities and Medieval Towns

Starting from the capital Florence, the “Cradel of Renaissance” and its stunning monuments: the Brunelleschi’s Dome, Michelangelo’s statue of David, Ponte Vecchio, the Uffizi Gallery, Piazzale Michelangelo and much more. Around from Florence, many other incredible places and antique villages like Siena, renewned for its Piazza del Campo where every year is held the famous “Palio”; San Gimignano and its medieval towers (World Heritage Site); Pisa and its fascinating Leaning Tower; Lucca the classic walled city, its charm and magic. Just to name a few.


Florence  – The Dome at night


Florence – Ponte Vecchio

                                                                                   Siena – Piazza Campo


San Gimignano – Aerial view of the hill town and its skyline of Medieval towers


Pisa – The Leaning Tower

Beautiful Scenery

The wonderful region of Chianti with its phenomenal landscapes and little villages, famous for its wines and the rolling hills covered in vineyards make for a picturesque setting. Val D’Orcia, this area is known for its gentle rolling hills, cypress trees,  and charming hilltop towns. It’s a UNSESCO Heritage Site. Maremma region riches in history and culture,  you can find here all the possible landscapes from the mountains, to the sea, to the countryside.  And yet Cortona, Monteriggioni, Volterra, Montepulciano, are just the possible options for a wedding in Tuscany.  It’s not surprising why many couples from all over the world choose Tuscany as a location for their wedding.


Chianti – Hills with vineyards and cypress


Val D’Orcia – Countryside

Maremma – Isola del Giglio


Get Married amidst Tuscany’s colors

Tuscany and its countryside are truly magical: Picture fields with vibrant red poppies and bright yellow sunflowers, of cypress-lined driveways, sprawling vineyards or of silvery green olive groves that dress up hillsides all around you… a perfect setting for an unforgettable wedding celebration. And your photographer will be over the moon with the choice of these breathtaking backdrops. On top of almost every hillock there is a picture-perfect walled town to welcome you and reward your senses with its unique beauty as you walk through the narrow and windy streets.


San Quirico D’Orcia – Madonna di Vitalea Chapel


Happy bride and groom in sunflowers field


Chianti – Castello di Meleto


Chianti – Castello di Meleto vineyard

Rolling hills at sunset

San Gimignano – Bride portrait in the old streets

Why Getting Married in Tuscany?

The answer is obvious. Tuscany is a magnificent and unique region which makes it a dream destination to celebrate a ceremony in a real Italian way and surprise your guests. As you drive around each corner there can be a fabulous sight or an incredibly beautiful wedding venue perfect for private celebrations amidst a truly magic ambience. If you choose to celebrate your wedding far from the crowd, you can dip yourself into the gorgeous beauty of the Tuscan countryside and discover its countless gems. The diversity of the landscapes and the beauty of the natural environment will make you feel like you have entered an earthly paradise. Here some of the best reasons:

Lots of Great Venues

Tuscany offers many venues where you can celebrate your wedding. You can get married in an elegant Renaissance villa surrounded by a luxuriant park, in an ancient castle perched on a hill, perfectly restored to welcome you and your guests, or in a charming “borgo”, a small town aggregating traditional farmhouses where you can experience the simple lifestyle of rural Tuscany.


Florence – Villa Gamberaia


Siena – Villa San Giovanni a Cerreto

Chianti – Castello di Meleto

Siena – Borgo Casabianca

Arezzo – Tenuta Cherici Mascagni

Florence – Tenuta Quadrifoglio

Say “I Do” between history and myth

For those who wish a civil ceremony (Italian civil ceremonies are valid throughout the European Union, US and abroad), you can get your civil rite in the gardens of the best villas or castles. It is possible, with prior authorization from the municipal authorities, to get married in the Abbey of San Galgano and is a choice that many couples do just to live in an almost surreal setting, suspended between history and myth, in an incredibly stimulating location whose charm is amplified by the beauty of the Tuscan countryside, which completely surrounds the structure contributing to give it a fairy-tale look.


San Galgano Abbey – Planning & Design Petite Bouquet Weddings 

Symbolic Ceremonies, instead, might be celebrated anywhere you wish, even in front of breathtaking scenery in the warm light of sunset. The wedding ceremony is a sophisticated one, featuring an arch decorated with greenery as well as lots of pink or neutral – colored flowers.


Planning & Design Petite Bouquet Weddings 


Ceremony setup

Beautiful floral arch

Great Food and Wine

Tuscany is famous for its delicious food and wine, something quint-essential that makes an ideal location for a culinary-focused wedding. The region is home to many traditional dishes such as steak Florentine or beef fillet, cantucci (almond cookies) often served at weddings and receptions. Also the use of olive oil, fresh herbs, and seasonal vegetables are very common in Tuscan cuisine.


A culinary moment at Tenuta Cherici Mascagni

But Tuscany is also famous for its wines like Chianti, Brunello di Montalcino, Boscolo, Vernaccia di San Gimignano that are often served at weddings. Lets no forget Sassicaia the first Super Tuscan and absolutely exceptional wine known and loved the world over. Many venues and caterers offer traditional Tuscan menu which is the perfect authentic touch for your destination wedding.


Sparkling wine produced by Castello di Meleto in Chianti

Enjoy a true authentic Tuscan vibe

Tuscany is in ideal location for an al fresco reception under the stars. You can arrange your wedding immersed in the fairy-tale atmosphere and in the romantic colors of the countryside. There are many choices, you can consider having a candlelight wedding dinner in one of the small towns among the Tuscan hills or in the small sea villages. The lunch or dinner receptions can take place in large garden surrounded by olive trees and setup with a lot of fairy lights, or with candleholders, or crystal chandeliers which complete the fairy-tale atmosphere.

Tenuta Cherici Mascagni

Castello di Meleto

Maremma – Planning & Design Petite Bouquet Weddings

Villa San Giovanni a Cerreto

Tuscany: The Ultimate Romantic Destination
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